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a man standing in front of a restaurant

Victor Ortega

General Manager + Co- owner

Víctor Ortega is a partner and General Manager at Black Iron Burger. He is responsible for coordinating and managing all aspects of the business plan, staff, distributors, controls/purchases and inventory, monitoring, evaluating, and auditing food, beverages, and service offerings among other duties. Victor Ortega is a qualified Hospitality Manager and holds a Hospitality Management degree from the Hospitality School of Seville (Spain). Victor is no stranger to the restaurant business, having spent 4 years as a General Manager of his own Delicatessen and Gourmet Store in Seville, Spain, which taught him the importance of coordinating all aspects of the hospitality business. Victor has more than 9 years of experience working in restaurants.

Prior to starting this restaurant in New York City, Víctor spent 8 months doing research, market study, and extensive field work about the Spanish Restaurant scene in NYC. His varied background in restaurants and other hospitality jobs provided the perfect foundation for bringing that experience into the Spanish restaurant in New York. He has been Black Iron Burger’s general manager since April 2013 when the company took over the first location in the East Village.