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Black Iron Burger first opened its doors in the East Village of Manhattan in 2008, offering classic American Burgers and foods inspired by the Mediterranean for the foodie, health-conscious and passionate diners seeking high quality, guilt-free American burgers.

Black Iron burgers are made of all-natural, lifetime antibiotic, steroid- and hormone-free meats. Our commitment is to use high quality, fresh ingredients made in-house and offer smaller portions with amazing flavors that will transport our customers through a food heaven journey. Every burger is grilled to perfection in our state-of-the-art chrome griddle that locks in our ingredients’ unique flavors and freshness, so our customers leave satisfied and guilt-free.

No matter which location or which burger you order, #NOBODYBEATSOURMEAT.

Black Iron Burger (BIB) originated in the East Village in 2008 by a well-known New York local restaurateur. The burger restaurant joint was a local favorite for many years, but when massive competitors such as Shake Shack and others migrated to the city, it failed to keep up with the competition, causing its current owner to sell the defunct burger joint. In 2013, Spaniard entrepreneur Victor Ortega and Executive Chef Jaime Guardiola (later joined by Chef Pedro Ruiz-Ocejo and Chef Luis Carlos Perez), arrived from their native of Seville, Spain, looking for new opportunities in the big apple. Having left their home country, and with minimal familiarity of the American fast food culture and language (all chefs coming from fine dining training), the partners drive to succeed. With an eye for business, and passion for cooking, they saw potential in the untenanted establishment, therefore decided to jump on the opportunity.


Their first move, was to change the original concept by revamping the menu and switching out the type of meats the old owner used to an all-natural and healthier options. The new management team's mission, was to create an amazing experience for the sophisticated and health conscious foodies of the city who wanted to enjoy the classic American dishes without guilt. Despite the extremely challenging and high-risk move by the Spain natives, their vision eventually paid off.


When taking the Black Iron Burger brand, the team were a bit skeptical about showing people that the classic American burger recipes were all created by a group of Spaniard chefs, because they feared that people would be turned off by it, and they didn’t want to lose the solid reputation the original owner was able to build. But, as they begun to grow and more people found out about the roots and the inspiration behind the BIB recipes, they quickly found that they were wrong. People from all over the world really embraced the Spaniard culture and style of cooking, and the new menu and burgers were such a success leading the team to open up Black Iron Burger Midtown West in 2014, followed by Black Iron Burger Chelsea in 2015, Black Iron Brooklyn in 2018 and Vanderbilt and Columbus Circle in 2019.

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